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 How to arrive in Amarinthos.

By car from Athens.

Once you’ve decided to visit Amarynthos, things get easier. For those who have a car, follow the national road Athens-Lamia for 70km ‘til Chalkida, which is the capital city of the prefecture. During the trip do not drive too fast, not to miss the sign road to the right. From this moment, you only have 15km before you reach the modern technology creation, the second biggest bridge in Greece. It depends on you, if you’d like to stop and admire the view or continue your trip. Anyhow, you are almost at Chalkida and only 25km away from Amarinthos.

From Athens by KTEL (provincial bus of Greece) – OSE (Greek Railway)
In case you’d like to take the provincial bus (KTEL), you have to take it from Athens. There’s a bus from Athens to Chalkida every half an hour at the three-bridges station. The trip lasts half an hour. Since you arrive in Chalkida, either through the old or the new bridge, you have to take another bus from Chalkida’s prefecture, which will drive you to Amarynthos in 30min. If you prefer, you can take the bus from “Pedion tou Areos” to Oropos. The trip lasts 40min. from there, you can appreciate a 30minutes trip through the magical town of Eretria. You only have 10minutes to Amarynthos. You can also take the train from “Stathmos Larissis” station in Athens. There’s a train to Chalkida every 45minutes. The trip lasts 75minutes. Then, you can take the bus and be in Amarynthos in 30minutes.

From Thessaloniki by car.
α) Since you drive from Thessaloniki by car, you have two options: - Either after the city of Thiva you follow the signes that will lead you to our town through Ritsona and the through the bridge. What’s sure is that the trip will pay you back with its panoramic and unique view of Chalkida and the Evian Gulf. - Or you continue ‘til Schimatari where you will reach the road to Chalkida (15km).

From Thessaloniki by KTEL.
From Thessaloniki to Chalkida there’s a bus at nine o’clock in the morning and at four o’clock in the afternoon. You can also take the train (OSE) from Schimatari.

The choice is yours! Have a nice trip!

Information: Chalkida's KTEL: (2221-0-22640), Chalkida's OSE: (2221-0-22384)


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