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 Cafe Artemis
Cafe Artemis is an excellent coffee place, by the sea, which is opens during winter and summer time, thanks to its two spaces, the interior and the exterior. The exterior one is suggested for the warm days and the cool afternoons of the summer. Decorated with elegance is characterized by the spectacular view to the endless blue of Evoikos gulf and the beautiful plants that compose a dreamy scenery. In the afternoons, the beautiful view of the sunset excites the visitors at first sight.
The interior space is suggested more for the cold days and nights of winter. You will love the spacious and comfortable environment with the special decoration. The excellent decoration of wood and leather and the successful combination of colours will make your moments different from the ordinary. Artemis cafe has a very good bar with interesting options in its order list. The nice music couldn’t of course miss of your company at any moment. Mainly mainstream international music, at suitable volume for every moment.
Take full advantage of your leisure time and enjoy your coffee at a wonderful environment. Artemis cafe is waiting you for relaxing moments during the day and entertainment moments at nights. Reference point in Amarynthos, it consists everybody’s beloved place, thanks to its cozy and friendly environment.

Artemis cafe has many surprises for you and invites you to discover them. So, escape from your everyday life and routine and come to visit us. Artemis cafe’s staff will serve you in a friendly and polite way, making you feel comfortable at any moment!

We are waiting for you!

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